The title of our store is exactly the description of what we had in mind when we started this journey in the colorful world of Lego:

  • Serres(a medium-sized city in northern Greece. The place where we were born, grew up, became parents).
  • Brick(By “brick” we mean the well-known Lego bricks, which have accompanied us from our childhood until today in our lives).
  • Workshop The term “store” limited us so much to what we had as a vision for our business, since SBW is not a simple commercial store that sells Lego, but something broader as a concept, since the purpose of the dissemination of Lego, not only as a quality game, but as a means of communication, creativity, education, art. And all this through the different activities that we organize from time to time).
sbw pinakida 550

Starting a business like ours requires a lot of what we call “Lego-madness”, love of the subject, knowledge, experience and expertise on Lego. And in particular, starting something like this in your city first of all indicates trust in its people.

Despite the difficult economic conditions we all experience, we decided to open a store in Serres that would be dedicated to Lego. We found the space that would house our business dreams, we designed it to be able to offer what we wanted, we filled it with colorful boxes and bricks and somehow, on April 22, 2016, we started our journey with the Serres Brick Workshop.

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Our effort was very quickly welcomed by the people of Serres, who from the first moment they trusted us with their children. The most important part of any SBW success is the love of the children and the trust of the parents.

That is why we try to reciprocate the above in any way. Sidirodromikos Stathmos Serron 1024 min 1024x478 1
Serres Railway Station
The online store comes to assist in our effort to spread Lego on a larger scale. Through this you will be informed about all the new Lego code releases, the competitions and the various activities of SBW. Also, there will be the option to check for all available codes from home, as well as ordering products with shipping and delivery in one day (for most areas of mainland Greece).

Finally, we can communicate to discuss anything we are interested in on Lego, to solve questions, to find some rare codes, etc.

So, the journey begins…

For Serres Brick Workshop

Catherine Dim. Parziali – Dimitrios Chr. Manthos