For the payment of your order in SBW.GR there is, at the moment, the possibility of cash on delivery and deposit in a bank account.

Cash on Delivery

The cost of cash on delivery is 2 €, in addition to the cost of shipping.


In case of choosing to deposit in a bank account, the total amount of payment is deposited in a bank account cooperating with the Company. Upon completion of the order, you will receive in the email that you have declared a message with the account numbers of the Company in the cooperating banks of Piraeus and Ε.Τ.Ε. After the deposit of the total amount of the order, either in a natural way in a branch or through Web-Banking, the order is finalized and forwarded for execution. In case of insolvency within 48 hours from the time of the order the order is considered invalid and the products are returned in stock. For any delay in payment, contact the Company to solve together any problem that may arise.