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Serres Brick Exhibition 11-12 November 2017

On Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 November 2017, the multi-themed Serres Brick Exhibition took place on the 4th floor of the Public Central Library of Serres. The event was organized by the Serres Brick Workshop in collaboration with the Greek Lego Friends Community, Gricks

The event was visited by over 400 children with their parents / companions, who had the opportunity to see up close original creations of Gricks, but also friends of SBW, rare and impressive sets of the company, to watch robotics demonstrations from , to create their own constructions with bulk Lego and Lego Duplo pieces, to participate in lotteries, competitions and games with many prizes.

SBW thanks everyone who contributed to this event:

The director and the staff of D.K.V.S. for their patience and unwavering support.

The sponsors of the event, the Super Market Kantzas, the company Gatidis Fresh and

Konstantinos Bellis, official distributor of Lego in Northern Greece for his help and physical presence at the event.

The President of Gricks Spyros Geropoulos and the members of the community Thodoris Savramis and George Panteleion for their valuable contribution to the event.

Zisis Arvanitidis and Dimitris Harlepas for their also valuable help.

Our little friends of SBW, George, John, Dimitris and Christos for their willingness to participate in various ways in the event.

Appointment with the 2nd Serres Brick Exhibition in the fall of 2018!